The Spark of Darkness

Only visible
when shadow spews in
This is my star,
imploding within

Deeper and harder –
You’re too weak to fight!
Adrift in the glow,
immobilized night

I waited in line
for a spotlight of fame
The heat swelled my words,
branding my shame

As the sun shone in me,
my skin was stained red
And no one would taste me,
Scratches to shed.

I feel nothing today,
my hands are too cold.
Voice are only earned!
it’s what we’ve been told

Brightness won’t dim
and the shadows do sigh
Silent dissolution,
forgotten and shy

It’s a long way back –
So don’t return!
The light was frozen,
an undeniable burn

No war is no peace,
no wrong is no right
So forever I am cursed,
for there’s no dark without light.


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